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Here are the terms of my blanket license for all photos and images on this site unless otherwise stated on the photo.

Printing of photos for personal use

If you want a copy of one of my pictures to stick on your fridge or use in a school project or cover a crack in your wall, then please feel free to print anything you like from my site. You will get the best quality if you seek out my "Original Format" images (more than 600 of them are on my server now)

Non-commercial Web use of photos

If you have a personal home page or non-commercial web service, please contact me and request the right to use my photos or works. I am generally a generous individual who is willing to allow non-commercial use of images if you ask. If you use one of my photos, I require that you also include a visible photo credit and visible working URL back to my web site on any pages that incorporate my images. Acceptable HTML is:

Photo courtesy Chris Grossmeier

Or Image provide courtesy of Chris Grossmeier at

This way people know who took the picture and can find my on-line copyright statement. You do not need to pay for personal usage(see policy and license page for details). If you use an iamge online, please email me with the URL so I can add it to my list of sites that are featuring or using my images. Just do not use a photo and then notify me after the fact. That is a personal pet peeve.

Commercial use of photos

Commercial use is strictly prohibited without my approval. All images require a usage license for commercial use. This covers print, web, multimedia, and video and any other format where these photos may be distributed or viewed. If you would like to license a photo for commercial use, please view the policy and license agreement for pricing and terms.

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