Usage Policy and Licensing

I am glad to see that you have an interest in using one of my images.  Please take the time to review my conditions as stated below. 

Personal Use Policy

So, you want to use an image as your wallpaper on your own personal computer or print out a picture for your refrigerator.  I would consider those personal uses.  If you intend to use an image in a way that does not generate any revenue, does not advertise or promote any product or service, and does not support any publication, editorial, news services, business, or organization, I may consider this personal use.  If you intend to use this image as part of a service or product that results in private monetary compensation, it is no longer personal use.   If you are uncertain, please check with me.

All commercial use of images require a Licensing Contract before use. 

Commercial and Editorial Use Policy

If you would like to acquire an image for use in an advertisement, portfolio (web or print),   brochure, flyer, catalog, web promotion, book, CD/VCD/DVD cover, poster, calendar, t-shirt, any form of print, broadcast, performance, art, electronic media, etc, you will need to purchase a commercial use license. This license will allow you to use an image one time for a specific purpose. Multiple image/multiple use licenses are available at a discounted fee. Usage fees are based on image size, circulation, and the general value that the image contributes to the end product. 

If you would like to acquire an image for use in a newspaper, news article,  new web site, blog, editorial, magazine, or other news publications, you will need to purchase an editorial use license. This license will allow you to use an image one time for a specific purpose. Multiple image/multiple use licenses are available at a discounted fee. Usage fees are based on image size and circulation.  See the Editorial Use table below for details.

All use, except personal use, requires that proper photo credit be included as part of publication. This notice must include, at the minimum, the following text: "© Chris Grossmeier". Failure to include a proper photo credit and copyright will result in a damage assessment of at least three times the normal commercial rate for such use.

Non-Profit Use

I treat non-Profit organizations no different from any other commercial business in regards to licensing of images.  Non-Profits still generate and spend more money that I earn. If you are a non-profit organization and would like to use any of my images, please contact me for options.  I am flexible, but I do not donate my works free.  A reduced Non-Profit web usage pricing is provided below.


Please note that each of my images are of the highest quality, geared to the professional photo buyer. None of my images appear in any clip art collection. Fees are quoted based on specific use including: size, placement, circulation, distribution (local, national, international), length of display time, uniqueness of the image, and cost of production.

My fee structure is based on exact use. The guidelines are for general price information. An exact price will be quoted based on information supplied.

If you have any questions, please contact me.  I am willing to work with anyone for any size job.   If you have specific needs not listed below, please let me know.  I am willing to make arrangements to almost any situation.  

Please Provide details on intended use:

  • Electronic or Print Use
  • Size of image to be used
  • Corporate/Commercail Use, Advertising Use, or Editorial Use
  • Length of Display One time non exclusive, 1 month, six months, 1 year or other
  • Size of Press Run if use is print, # of Reprints?
  • If use is for web page: URL,   location of image ie. home page ,  secondary linked page banner advertising on a secondary site.

Payment Options

After completion of a stock licensing agreement, Payment can be arranged through corporate or certified check payment or PayPal. Please contact me to make payment arrangements.


Licensing terms.   

The image will be licensed for a specific use.  Unless agreed otherwise, you will be required to provide a credit line (or link, in the case of web use).All Fees are for One Time Use only.      All images are provided in electronic format only. Images usage rights may not be transferred or sold to third parties. All images are licensed as non-exclusive.  Exclusive use pricing is available upon request.   ALL USE FEES ARE FOR ONE TIME PRINT/ USE ONLY UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

The intellectual property may not be copied to another computer, transmitted, published, reproduced, stored, manipulated, projected, or altered in any way, including without limitation any digitization or synthesizing of the images, alone or with any other material, by use of computer or other electronic means or any other method or means now or hereafter known, without the written permission of Chris Grossmeier and payment of a fee or arrangement thereof.

Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration is a violation of copyright. 

All photographs in the Chris Grossmeier Photography site are the exclusive intellectual property of Chris Grossmeier and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. 

Chris Grossmeier Photography vigorously protects copyright interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced at the minimum10x the STANDARD FEE for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in U S Federal Court where you will be subject to a the maximum fine, statutory damages as well as all court costs and attorneys' fees.  To secure reproduction rights to any images by E-Mail send to  or call Chris Grossmeier Photography